Build Your Own Standing Desk for $22 (Anyone With a Screwdriver Can do This!)

Build Your Own Standing Desk for $22 (Anyone With a Screwdriver Can do This!)

I’m sure there’s lots of you out there who think you need to spend lots of cash to get your hands on a standing desk. By cobbling together a couple of items together from Ikea, it doesn’t get much easier, or cheaper than this:

This is a simple way to put something together on the cheap and at least see if there’s any value in using a standing desk in your office.

Personally, they’re not for me. My posture takes a serious nose-dive while standing up and typing at my computer. I’ve also talked to numerous people over the last few years who have a store-bought stander that’s now sitting in their garage or basement collecting dust. This is why the DIY-first approach is the smartest investment you can make if you haven’t spent at least a few days using one.

If you want to build something that matches your current desk or counter area you’ll be mounting this new rig on, the Lack tables and shelving come in several colors and finishes. Don’t feel like you have to buy the exact table or shelf these guys are suggesting either, unless you’re the type who lacks confidence in their creative abilities.

Here’s a slightly more expensive option, if you want:

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