15 Successful Late Bloomers: It’s Never Too Late to Learn!

15 Successful Late Bloomers: It’s Never Too Late to Learn!

We must agreed to the trends and facts that entrepreneurs are getting younger. Teenpreneurs are on the rise, launching amazing startups that help shaping – even changing – the world.

However, did you know that age in entrepreneurship doesn’t really matter? In fact, some of the most popular and successful figures today were starting up a bit late.

Vera Wang started her business when she was 39. Reid Hoffman started LinkedIn when he was 36.

And yes, entrepreneurship apart, many successful people in other paths of life also started late: Fauja Singh started to run full-length marathons at 89.

Want more examples, check out this infographic from Anna Vital:

It is never too late to learn - late bloomer infographic by Anna Vital

Some great role models who remind us that age doesn’t matter when it comes to achieving great things in life.

I’m inspired to keep on learning and achieving things for years to come. Are you?

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