Winners Always Have a Plan; Losers Always Have an Excuse

Winners Always Have a Plan; Losers Always Have an Excuse

Tony Robbins has often famously said that the difference between a winner and a loser comes down to millimeters, not inches — the difference of someone bowing their head in submission or proudly holding their head up with straight-edged confidence.

It appears that some people just have an outlook and way of life that will always lead to perpetual failure, while others seem to naturally gravitate toward the enlightened path to success and happiness.

Are you a winner or  a loser? Take this questionnaire and find out! (any one of these can determine the eventuality that comes of your short time in the land of the living):

  1. Do you — focus on the solution, or revel in the problem?
  2. Do you — have unshakable confidence, or find yourself constantly dwelling in self doubt?
  3. Are you — in control of the things that happen to you, or do you blame your circumstances?
  4. Do you — dream during the daytime, or dream when the world goes still and the pressure’s off at night?
  5. Do you — see the unfathomable possibilities, or the impassible obstacles?
  6. Do you —  venture out into the unknown, or tuck yourself into a comfy little box safe from all that could harm you?
  7. Are you — an eternal optimist with unlimited potential, or a victim just waiting for trouble to unfold?
  8. Do you — go make it happen, or look for reasons why your actions will be met with failure?
  9. Do you — learn from your mistakes and rarely make the same one twice, or continually bow your head in shame as you do the same old thing over and over and get the same result?
  10. Do you — live in the moment, or dwell in the murky depths of the past?

Are you a winner or a loser?

Only time will tell. The errors of today do not have to be the reality that unfolds tomorrow.

It’s all about your mindset.



Main Image: “Happy / Sad Sam, by Me” courtesy of slimmer_jimmer






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