The Future of Retail for 2015 – and Beyond (Infographic)

The Future of Retail for 2015 – and Beyond (Infographic)

The world of business and technology collides, uncovering the best of both worlds. One of the uncovered development is the virtual shopping experience.

One of the trends that is growing in popularity is the adoption of augmented reality to enhance shopping experience – and boost sales, both online and offline.

Here are some examples of the implementation of augmented reality: Virtual fitting (trying a dress virtually), magic mirror (simulate cosmetics on a person’s face in real time) and so on.

As I mentioned above, augmented reality is just one of the trends in virtual shopping. Samsung, in collaboration with Forbes, published an infographic that feature 4 retailing trends that bring the virtual experience into reality. Check this out:

The Future of Retail - Infographic by Samsung and Forbes

I think the future of retailing would be exciting, and the best retailers can do is to jump on the bandwagon and adopt the technology to give an edge over their competition.

What do you think of the virtual shopping tech? Will you be comfortable using them? Are the tech advances just a fad or a game-changer? Please share your opinion…

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