Here is How Marketing Works

Here is How Marketing Works

Here’s my favorite marketing quote from Gary Vaynerchuk: Marketers Ruin Everything.

At first, that quote of his sounds harsh. But if you think carefully, it’s the whole truth. I am a marketer, and I admit that I am one of those people who ruin everything: Emails, social media platforms, and what-not.

In fact, ruining things is exactly how marketing works. Ruining sounds like a bad word, but it does come with some nice jargon: Optimizing, utilizing, etc.

Okay, to give you proper insight, let’s have Gary Vee explains it – in his own infamous way:

So, how does marketing work? It’s pretty straightforward, really – in 3 easy steps:

Step #1: Marketers will flock to a new, promising platform where potential markets hang out.

Step #2: They will figure out ways to promote and sell things to them. Some succeed, some failed.

Step #3: In the process, the platform will eventually be full of marketing messages – including, unfortunately, spams and scams – no matter how hard the team behind the platform is trying to limit them. At this stage, let’s just say that marketers have ruined the platform.

This happens all the time, the way I see it.

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