9 Tips for Starting a New Business in 2015

9 Tips for Starting a New Business in 2015

Check out these 9 awesome tips for starting your own business on the cheap. The video is really unconventional when it comes to your average “success tips” kind of video.

9 Startup Tips:


  1. Just because a niche seems obvious to you, that doesn’t mean it’s obvious to everyone else.
  2. Build your business off your strengths, rather than choosing something that’s a weakness.
  3. Leave the excuses at the door (Tomorrow is the day that never comes!)
  4. Working for someone else first to learn the ins and outs of running a business.
  5. Read everything you can!
  6. Assume everyone isn’t as smart as you (I’m paraphrasing of course!) Basically don’t figure you can’t teach anyone anything or that you can’t provide such an “easy service” just because you’re an expert at something.
  7. Don’t sit on your money and also don’t waste it on frivolous things you don’t need. Provide products to consumers, don’t be a habitually wasteful consumer yourself!
  8. Work at getting that first sale right away, to boost confidence and get the ball rolling (read The $100 Startup).
  9. Don’t be humiliated by or afraid of failure.

I really like his spin on #1. I think aside from fear of failure, the belief that an idea is so obvious that everybody must be doing is one that can hold a lot of people back. You have to embrace #6 and realize that most people are lazy/not as smart as you and will more than likely be ecstatic when you introduce your problem-solving product or service into the marketplace.

Share your own tips, or tell us what your favorite tip was down in the comments.


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