Entrepreneurs: If You Have an Idea, You Should do it!

Entrepreneurs: If You Have an Idea, You Should do it!

This video from Square (mobile payment processing) contains several short clips of entrepreneurs all over the United States.

Some were forced into entrepreneurship upon realizing the age-old American dream (go to college and you’re guaranteed a steady, reliable job) was dead.

Many others just new they had to run their own business in order to wake up with passion and vigor every morning.

Lots of great motivation here if you’re considering going out on your own, or already an entrepreneur looking for some motivation to keep pushing forward.

I have to give a shoutout to the business owners featured in the video:

  1. Beau Bien Fine Foods
  2. Astor Row Café
  3. Rancourt & Co.
  4. Distillery Lane Ciderworks
  5. Scarlett Garnet Jewelry
  6. SWAT Wildlife
  7. Rustica Bakery
  8. Whisk: a Sustainable Bakeshop
  9. Krewe du Brew Coffee House
  10. The Barber Sharp
  11. Regla De Oro Gallery
  12. Taceaux Loceaux
  13. Sump Coffee
  14. The Peacock Room
  15. Butter Bakery Café
  16. Cartel Coffee Lab
  17. Hot Indian Foods
  18. Just Baked
  19. Salt & Cedar
  20. Maysles Documentary Center
  21. Arbor Care
  22. Cherokee Street Bikes

While none of them are saying that running your own business is easy, without a ton of challenges; each person featured sure feels like it’s rewarding and worth the risk.

What’s the big idea you’ve been holding on to lately?



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2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs: If You Have an Idea, You Should do it!

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