“Show Me Your Friends, I’ll Show You Your Future!”

“Show Me Your Friends, I’ll Show You Your Future!”

Do you feel like maybe some of your friends and business contacts have a negative impact on your work ethic and desire to achieve goals?

This short video starts out with billionaire Dan Peña discussing the importance of a strong work ethic, then goes on to discuss how important time management is to a successful career and acquiring great wealth, including how destructive it is to waste your time and mental energy allowing the wrong people into your life.

I do have to warn you guys in advance that Dan’s now retired and getting into the mentorship/motivational space in business. His delivery is no-nonsense, as you’d expect from any self-made expert businessman. That no-nonsense style can be a bit brash at times.

Make sure you put your “profanity filter” on if you have sensitive ears!

Dan Peña is 131 years old in work years! Certainly he didn’t get there by hanging out at the local tavern with 40-hour-a-week stiffs, did he?

Check out Dan’s twitter. He’s well worth adding — always tons of motivation, as well as upcoming event news about his and other billionaire friend’s seminars, etc.


(Main image courtesy of: http://seasidedonkey.co.uk/)


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