Cinematic Firefox ‘Commercial’ – #ChooseIndependent

Cinematic Firefox ‘Commercial’ – #ChooseIndependent

Which web browser do you use? I personally use both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Each have its own strengths and weaknesses, but for some reasons, I stick to Firefox. Maybe because I’m not too fancy with anything Google (anyway, luv ya, guys!)

Seriously, I choose Firefox because it’s non-profit, and it supports open web. And I can be sure that my browsing data is not going to be ‘commercialized’ – e.g. sold to a 3rd party. So I feel secure when doing business via the web.

Security speaking, Firefox could do better, but hey – I’m quite happy with Firefox. I’m with the browser since day one, so…

Internet Explorer? No comment.

So, it’s been 10 years since its inception in the web world. It’s quite a feat and in the celebration of a decade of free and open web, Firefox launch this cinematic video:

It’s a good brand storytelling gig, showing you how the Firefox community embraces privacy, free, and open Internet.

I fancy this. How about you?

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