How to Avoid the Post-Graduation, Job-Finding “Black Hole”

How to Avoid the Post-Graduation, Job-Finding “Black Hole”

This is a great video which details how online job search technology has actually hurt a post-graduate’s ability to find a job, rather than help, and a few excellent job-finding tips from “The 2-Hour Job Search” (not an aff link) author, Steve Dalton:

So true, what he says about online applications all but eliminating the ability to get a first interview. Too many applicants and not enough time for hiring managers to offer feedback to job seekers.

  1. Diversify your targets to a mix of small and large companies.
  2. Find contacts in the companies you’re interested, ask them what makes them successful, and perhaps they’ll become your greatest advocate.

I’m sure his book offers a lot more detail and strategy, though I can’t say I’ve read it personally.

Share your own experience/tips for finding post-graduate work.



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