How Outdoor Activity Will Boost Your Productivity

How Outdoor Activity Will Boost Your Productivity

Whether you’re an employer or employee, getting active outside has many benefits to you and your company. Everyone knows the basics that exercise is good for health and mind on a personal level, but did you know it can transfer across to the world of business too?

One study found every dollar a company invests in employee health can return six dollars. Those are some great numbers and many companies now have their own gyms for employee use. Outdoor activity can also boost you and your team’s productivity and here’s how.


From going on a hiking weekend in the hills to playing a friendly game of football after work, almost every type of outdoor activity increases social interaction. This in turn relates well to business which is ultimately a team setting too, with everyone working together towards the same goal.

Whether map reading or deciding on playing positions, it can involve problem solving scenarios that get people working together outside of their usual work situation. Whatever activity you’re undertaking, having the right kit is important as well. Go shop for outdoor clothing. Stores like Costwold Outdoor,, and E Outdoor have a fine range of clothing available, from the low end line to the premium like like The North Face.

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Drive Focus

Taking part in a group activity outdoors can also lead to greater focus. Exercise alone has been shown to create more energy and lead to a calmer, more focused mind. This is extremely useful in what can be chaotic and often stressful business environments.

Working together and taking part in a fun activity outdoors will further increase morale. It can lower the chances of depression and while it will make you more focused when it’s time to work it also means you can have shared interests outside work along with your colleagues.

Rest and Well Being

It’s important to have time away from the boardroom and outdoor activity is the perfect antidote. Unlike going to the gym, reading or watching television it allows you to go outside and get some fresh air in your lungs, often hard during the working week. It will ensure you’re refreshed and focused for Monday morning or the next day.

Feeling good about you along with having more energy and focus are the key ingredients to increasing productivity. If everyone’s on the same level then this is sure to lead to a successful working environment. More energy, greater morale and a finer focus with big benefits to business; why wouldn’t you want to get active outdoors?

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