Survival Tips for Spouses Who Work Together

Survival Tips for Spouses Who Work Together

While many experts encourage us to “never work with family”, this Google hangout with Michael Hurwitz, owner of, talks about how he and his wife have survived working together:

Oh man!

I could imagine working with spouse, but the inlaws! Is this guy walking around on thin ice, or what?

Key takeaways:

  • It’s gotta be 50/50 or nothing — a fair partnership in business and life.
  • Delegate tasks and then step back — allow your spouse to run their end and don’t try to micro-manage them.
  • If a decision has a significant impact to your bottom line, have a meeting and share the task rather than delegating.
  • Perhaps the most important: if you’re the man — sometimes it’s smarter to take a step waaaaay back! Some battles just aren’t worth fighting. 😀

There’s much more detail than what I’ve touched on. Watch the video and learn more.


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