Success is Your Duty: Hustle More + Hate Less = Total Success!

Success is Your Duty: Hustle More + Hate Less = Total Success!

Hustle more, hate less is the catchline of Grant Cardone’s “10x” philosophy on achieving career success and market dominance in this world. Thinking big is the only way to survive. Lowering your standards and expectations when times get tough is a sure-fire path to being middle-class.

The 10x rule is all about maximizing revenues immediately after a business idea’s conceived, not dwelling on failures and bad deals. All this in order to cushion yourself and your business from the inevitable changes that are out of your control, and all the barriers that will crop up between you and your net worth: taxes, healthcare, theft, market changes, etc.

He delves into other key influences that are taking place in the modern marketplace, such as lack of consumer loyalty, big brands overwhelming the little guys, the government (nuff said), and a total lack of sentiment that exists among consumers.


What do you think about his comments about the modern middle-class being “soft” and lacking the motivation to think big? That’s a bold statement considering the middle-class of the 50’s to 80’s represented everything the American dream stood for, right?

So, your mantra from this day forward should be: “I have to get out of the middle-class.”

It’s true. There’s just no comfort living in the middle-class. You’re underpaid, you deserve more. Make $20,000 into $200,000; $40,000 into $400,000 — etc.

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