Body Language: 5 Tips to Make Better Connections With People

Body Language: 5 Tips to Make Better Connections With People

I learned some really interesting information about body language in this video.

Make sure you watch it.

One new thing I learned in the video is that showing your palms indicates a willingness to build relationships. Of course, this has to be executed in an innocent and natural way. Waving/circling your palms out in front of you while you talk could definitely be misconstrued if you make too bold an effort.

Definitely agree on the comment about handshakes. I don’t care who I’m meeting — man, woman, or child: a limp handshake not only conveys a lack of confidence, it’s downright insulting. To me it’s like the limp-handed guilty party can’t even be bothered. It sets the whole tone of a meeting off on the wrong foot. Even if you do everything right from that point forward, I feel this is the epitome of bad first impressions that are hardest to overcome (in business and just life in general).

So remember the 5 tips in the video when networking:

  • Don’t cover your body, stay open (show your palms when you’re facing people).
  • Don’t touch your face (liar).
  • Firm handshake (you might as well refuse to shake someone’s hand otherwise).
  • Always smile (genuine, not fake).
  • Maintain eye contact (don’t look around like you’re looking for someone more interesting to talk to).


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