Watch Idea Pitcher Aaron Pugh Make $1500 in 47 Seconds

Watch Idea Pitcher Aaron Pugh Make $1500 in 47 Seconds

I was really impressed by the young entrepreneur in this video.

Try to count the number of sales triggers he manages to jam into his short pitch.

I counted at least 13 emotional triggers, that would affect both the end-users and potential investors in that entire 47 second speech!

It’s likely that I’m way off, but even slowing the video down didn’t help me keep up.

Most important, he incorporated each of the 7 key components necessary for a successful elevator pitch:

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. Target Market
  4. Competition
  5. Team
  6. Financial Summary
  7. Milestones

I’m not going to detail each component as they pertain to the video. If you’re interested in upping your sales game for your customers or new investors, watch the video a  few more times and take note of how fluidly he jumps from one step to the next.

Would you buy the Hot Seat after listening to that pitch?


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