Did you Know What a Great Leader Actually Do?

Did you Know What a Great Leader Actually Do?

“I want to be a leader!”

Many people say that but they don’t really know how to be one. Why? Quite simple: It’s because they don’t know what a great leader actually do. Or, to put it in another way, they don’t know what make a good leader great.

Got it?

Let’s have Brendon explain this topic better, as he is clearly the expert in this. In fact, he wrote a book called The Student Leadership Guide back in 2001 for his graduate studies work.

The content of the book has helped top schools and major corporations to answer this question: “What to do to influence, impact and lead others.”

The framework is called E6 – what is it?

Pretty inspiring. So, to recap, the six E’s are:

  1. Envision: What should tomorrow look like for my life/business? What is it look like when you turn your dream into reality?
  2. Enlist: Great leaders ask others to get involved in envisioning what the future looks like.
  3. Embody: Show others what you are believing in and how you do it to move toward what you envision.
  4. Empower: You delegate and trust others to achieve the common goals.
  5. Evaluate: The hardest thing to do in leadership, but crucial.
  6. Encourage: You need to light people up to pursue your mission – on daily basis.

Here’s your takeaway from Brendon: “Are you still there? Do you still stand for it? If you do, you become a LEGEND.

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