The Real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort: “Change Isn’t Costly…”

The Real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort: “Change Isn’t Costly…”

This is a pretty cool video with the REAL Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort doing what he does best: motivating people.



If you’ve seen the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, you probably know Belfort once used his power of persuasion to do bad things to good people, which can make it hard to listen to a supposedly changed man.

How much do we ever know about anyone or their motives though?

His words ring true and I’d rather seek motivation from someone who’s TRULY experienced the negative and positive sides of life.

Takeaway from the video:

I’m going to leave you with just one takeaway today. One that all who’ve risen from the ashes of defeat, poverty, depression, and general unhappiness all echo:

Change can happen in an instant. What takes the most time is feeling enough pain in your life that you’re ready to change.

That isn’t a verbatim to what the “Wolf” said, but the message is there.

Is pain really necessary to enact positive change?

Can desire exist without pain?




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