What You See Can be Deceiving. Stay True to Yourself and Keep on Pursuing YOUR Dream

What You See Can be Deceiving. Stay True to Yourself and Keep on Pursuing YOUR Dream

“Image is superficial.”

Meet Cameron Russell. She is an underwear model who choose to bare it all for the audience to see that looks aren’t everything, and they can be deceiving.

In this talk, Ms. Russell fearlessly talks about the truth behind the modelling industry; how the industry has generated such an image that is actually not real.

Ms. Russell admits that she won a genetic lottery – tall, pretty and slender. She does “capitalize” on her genetic assets, but what looks so perfect to the world, is actually so fragile.

Watch this video and follow her story:

I honestly think this talk slaps the fashion industry across the face. On the other hand, the truth being told shed some light for us to take lessons from.

We now know that what we see is not always what it looks like in real life – for better or worse.

A pretty model who looks so perfect on a magazine is actually feeling insecure inside.

A businessman in Ferarri doesn’t mean he’s richer than you; chances are, he has hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, trying to finance his lavish lifestyle.

A successful entrepreneur who seems to just partying around is, in fact, working hard running her businesses when the people and media didn’t notice.

A seemingly simple old woman is actually the richest woman in the region.

The takeaway: It’s okay to get inspired by someone’s life or what someone’s doing for a living, but you’ve got to be realistic and acknowledge that you are not them; you are you. And the reality is, you can be as successful, as rich or as happy – if you stop comparing yourself to them and create your own journey.

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