Did You Ask First? 4 Best Practice Tips for Permission-Based Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Did You Ask First? 4 Best Practice Tips for Permission-Based Mobile Marketing Campaigns

“You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.”

Unwanted emails and texts are the vinegar that keeps potential customers away from your front doors.

The following video outlines 4 best practices to use when implementing your mobile marketing campaigns, all of which require permission from the “marketee” first in order to be successful:



Mobile Marketing Best practices outlined in the video:

  1. Start with permission
  2. Understand the consumer
  3. Know your audience
  4. Be relevant. Right person, right message, right moment

I found the stats related to #3: Know your audience, most interesting:

This information is invaluable for determining not only WHY you need their permission first, but also just WHO you’re reaching out to.

  • 18% connected marketing lovers (doesn’t mean they’ll buy, but they are receptive if you have something they’re interested in)
  • 27% are marketing immune (you’d need to offer a starving man a free cookie to get a sale)
  • 29% are control freaks (spam these folks and they’ll blacklist you instantly)
  • 27% are easy going (kind of the same thing as the marketing immune in my opinion)

Here’s how I see things:

  • As a spammer, you always have a chance with the 18% of connected marketing lovers — if you have something they want, they’ll buy regardless of whether you use a solicited approach or not
  • The 27% who’re marketing immune — forget about them, they’re a waste of your time (I fit in this category)
  • The 29% who are control freaks — think they’re going to buy if you send them an unsolicited email, text, or phone call?
  • The remaining easy going mobile customers — they’re still immune for the most part, but will be more receptive if you ask first and may well buy if you have something to offer that aligns with their interests.

This link is a must-read for local brick-and-mortar business owners:


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