Biz Peeps: How Does Carrying Around your Office PC in your Pocket Sounds?

Biz Peeps: How Does Carrying Around your Office PC in your Pocket Sounds?

This PC is dubbed as the world’s most powerful officeable, gamable and entertainable device. It’s basically a desktop PC in a cell phone size. Instead of allocating a space for your PC on your desk, you can just carry it in your pocket.

Say what?

Introducing, a Kickstarter project you need to support: Tango – a pocket-size super PC.

Using a docking stations, you can use Tango to do virtually anything you want: For power-intensive work purposes (e.g. Microsoft Office suite,) for graphic-intensive gaming (e.g. any FPS games will do – like Battlefield 4 in HD,)… you name it.

With that being said, Tango saves plenty of tech-acquisition money for your company. No more spending thousands of dollars for investing in a high-end PC. Let’s Tango.

Check out what this cool portable PC can do on TechCrunch Disrupt:

To see how it really works, check out the demo here:

As a geek, I’ll just say that this is mind-blowing.

I’ve got tired running apps with limited capabilities due to limitations in smartphones’ processing power. With Tango, I can run any resource-hungry apps that are made for PC.

Tango is a great solution for location independent business people, road warriors and virtually any businessman who want power at the palm of their hands. And, oh, for gamers, this portable PC will rock your world!

What do you think of the-powerful-PC-that-fits-into-your-pocket?

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