How John Chow Went from Zero to $200,000 in a Month Launching an Info Product

How John Chow Went from Zero to $200,000 in a Month Launching an Info Product

John Chow is one of the legends in Internet Marketing. He paved the road for guys like me who supports my family from online income.

Haters can say whatever they like about John Chow, but his advice is proven, and his rags to riches story is one of my favorite.

On the first part of this video, Mr. Chow talks a bit about his past to help the audience understand that life-changing opportunities are everywhere. On the second part, he talks about the tips on how to launch a successful (and profitable) info product.

Get inspired:

Some great tips inside. Mr. Chow shows how things work – what kind of products you should sell, what software to use, and how to promote your products.

So, the ultimate question is: Is it really possible to make 6-digit in a month launching an info product? Yes, I believe you can – IF you can create the marketing funnel well and a product that people want.

Here’s a takeaway for you from John Chow: Create the marketing first, then the product.

What do you think of John Chow’s info product tutorial? Cool?

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