Innovators and Entrepreneurs – Here is a Must-watch: The State of Innovation in 2014

Innovators and Entrepreneurs – Here is a Must-watch: The State of Innovation in 2014

I understand that you are super-busy today (haven’t we all?) but I would strongly recommend you to make time for watching this super-insightful 2-hour talk, Virgin Disruptors.

Virgin Disruptors gathers entrepreneurs and business leaders for a debate on the state of innovation in 2014. It has just ended on Friday, May 9th, but no worries – you can still watch the recorded debate.

Panelists include Richard Branson, Tony Fadell of Nest, Megan Smith of Google[X] and Leila Janah of Samasource. The debate is moderated by Guy Kawasaki.

The topic: Has entrepreneurs lost the will to innovate?

Please skip to 19:50 because the video, for some reasons, also recorded countdown start time:

My favourite talk from the debate: Although the Disruptors debate is on over-regulation, it’s interesting to learn from Greece’s entrepreneurial scene (it’s at 1:06:40) that entrepreneurs are actually in bad need for a regulation that support entrepreneurship in the country.

The talk then goes on along the line – we actually need “regulation” that encourage entrepreneurs to innovate, as today, I’d say that startups and entrepreneurs are mis-regulated – something that strangles their creativity, and eventually innovation that could and would benefit the world – or at least a region..

My favourite idea from the talk is Richard Branson’s Virgin Earth challenge, which will reward $25 million for engineers who are able to take carbon from the earth’s atmosphere. Wow.

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