What is the ROI of Your Mother? The Answer is EPIC

What is the ROI of Your Mother? The Answer is EPIC

Gary Vaynerchuk, the Wine Guy and prolific entrepreneurs/investors/speaker, is just in time for Mother’s Day asking this controversial question to someone he described as a “conservative CMO”; after Gary was drilled and bombarded with questions regarding the ROI of social media, he finally pulled the trigger.

He asked: What’s the ROI of your mother?

Whoa – that question would caught everyone off guard. But his explanation is epic:

So, what’s the ROI of your mother? Gary Vee’s answer is: EVERYTHING. All of it.

You can’t show the data on the ROI of your mother. You can’t do so, too, on social media. But you are what you are today because of what your mother does for you nurturing you. Social media follows the same pattern of results: You feel the benefit of your social media activities, but you can’t really measure the ROI in numbers.


Photo credit: Theresa Martell

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