How a Cat Makes Millions by Being Grumpy

How a Cat Makes Millions by Being Grumpy

Have you heard about Grumpy Cat?

Well, if you haven’t, Grumpy Cat is the nickname of Tardar Sauce, a 2 year-old cat-turned-internet-celebrity owned by Tabatha Bundesen. She becomes famous for her grumpy look all day, every day. That’s kinda depressing, yes?

According to people, the grumpy look is a blessing: She represents our bad days and she makes a good subject for internet memes, which help making your day a more pleasant one – good enough to get the Meme of the year award from the 17th Annual Webby Awards.

She is reportedly making millions from show appearances and brand endorsements – that’s plenty of cat food!

She is the spokescat for Friskies Party Mix, launched her line of drinks Grumppuccino, appeared on WSJ, and more gigs. She even has an IMDb profile!

How it all started? It’s from a picture posted by Tabatha’s brother, Brian Bundesen on Reddit. Then the rest is history.

Check out the coverage on Grumpy Cat from the CNN:

Here’s another one on WSJ:

Lessons learned: Opportunities often come to you unexpectedly. When they come, be sure you grab them, but don’t exploit them; you can’t go far exploiting anything.

I personally think that Grumpy Cat is adorable. What do you think of Grumpy Cat and all the money she generates?

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