Subscription-based LEGO Rental Business: Sounds Like a Good Idea?

Subscription-based LEGO Rental Business: Sounds Like a Good Idea?

Cool stuffs are expensive. That includes LEGO; yes, those LEGO sets are very expensive. You can easily spend hundreds, even thousands of dollar of LEGO sets for your kids.

LEGO sets are fun; they can occupy your kids for hours. Unfortunately, the fun doesn’t last long.

And did you know what kids do when they are done playing with the LEGO set you’ve just bought for them? That’s right – your kids will ask you for a new set. Rinsing and repeating will get your household budget drained by LEGO.

Telling your kids not to buy LEGO and just buy those cheapish toys that don’t add value to your kids’ learning process? Well, that could work, but if you want a win-win arrangement, there is one, innovative way.

Enter Pley.

Pley is basically a subscription-based LEGO rental business. The company allows you to rent a LEGO set and have it shipped to your door. What you only need to do is to sign up, choose your set and get it delivered to your doorstep. When you are done, just return the set.

Super. Cool.

Now your kids can enjoy playing LEGO and when they are bored with the set, you can just return the set and get a new one.

The concept is nothing new, really. However, involving LEGO sets as your selling points and executing fulfilment smoothly will make a difference. So far, Pley is promising.

A win-win arrangement is the best thing a business can offer, don’t you think?

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