The Biggest Secret to Tyler Perry’s Success

The Biggest Secret to Tyler Perry’s Success

Tyler Perry is a successful actor, director and producer – to name a few. If you want a role model or mentor, you should consider picking Tyler Perry as he’s a real warrior. He wrote and produced stage plays since 1992, and he hasn’t found success until 1998. Since then, he never slows down.

His biggest secret to success not many media talks about? Nothing but the grace of God.

Mr. Perry’s hard work and believe in God seem to open up window of opportunities. Numerous performances and appearances have lead him to where he is right now, from nobody to somebody.

How successful is Mr. Perry? Well, if your measuring yardstick is US dollar, then you might be interested to know that he earns almost $80 million (as of June 2013, source) and his net worth is approximately $400 million

The best advice I take from Tyler Perry: Don’t stop hustling. Just. Don’t. Focus on one thing, and make sure it works; do your part – work hard and trust the growing to God. THEN you can pursue your next ventures.

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