Steven Spielberg Was Bullied for His Dyslexia and Fight Back by Making Movies. Inspirational.

Steven Spielberg Was Bullied for His Dyslexia and Fight Back by Making Movies. Inspirational.

Steven Spielberg was teased for his reading difficulties in his school days. The impact is quite typical: He was dreaded to go to school, especially on the day he had to go in front of the class reading a book. So, what happened? What’s with his reading ability?

Not until 7 years ago Mr. Spielberg realized that he has been dyslexic for his entire life.

Has Mr. Spielberg ever bullied because of his dyslexia? You bet.

How did he deal with the bullies and cope with his “shortcoming”? By making movies.

Curious? Watch THIS.

An inspirational interview. Steven Spielberg is awesome; Quinn is awesome, too.

You see, to me, dyslexia is not a disability; it’s just that dyslexic person learns differently. Unfortunately, not many understand how to deal with dyslexia or dyslexic person. This has caused many dyslexic people to be misunderstood by the society as someone who just can’t cope with school and learning.

Someone who bullies will call “stupid.”

Well, here’s the thing: Dyslexic people seem to bound to be more successful than the “normal” people. How so? Here’s my humble observation: Because in order to survive the bullying, they have to outperform others. They have to find cover-ups.

Oftentimes, the cover-ups come in the form of success.

The best advice from Mr. Spielberg: When you are angry or discouraged because nobody seems to understand you – even bully you – you should never feel that you are a victim. You know you should do more and work harder to overcome your issues.


Well, did you know how long Mr. Spielberg has to read a script? 2 hour 45 minutes for a script that can be read by others for 1 hour and 10 minutes. It might take longer, but it’s a must-do. No question. He has to adjust; he hustles to get things done.

So, do you want to overcome your weaknesses and become a successful person? Know that you are not alone, work harder than anybody else, and let your anger fuels your passion for success.


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