Would You Close Down $50,000 a Day Business Because It Has Gone Against Your Conscience?

Would You Close Down $50,000 a Day Business Because It Has Gone Against Your Conscience?

I’m sure you have heard of Flappy Bird. Yes, THAT controversial iOS app which shakes the mobile gaming industry. Its rise and fall are legendary, and one example of how one game app can have so much coverage from the media, for some reasons.

Firstly, the game is ultra-addictive. Some people say that it’s impossible to master, which makes the game frustratingly addictive.

Secondly, the game is ultra-profitable ($50,000 a day from a banner ad is niiiiiice – some say it’s an urban legend, though…)

Thirdly, the game was taken down from the App Store because Dong Nguyen, the developer, said that he can’t take it anymore (it’s said that he took the game down because he didn’t want to ruin people’s life.)

Perhaps the most quirky of all is the fact that there are some opportunists try to sell used iPhones with Flappy Bird installed for thousands of dollar on eBay. Um, no thanks.

Here’s the recap of the crazy ride…

Flappy Bird infographic
Via StartApp

So, here’s a question for you: Would you take down a $50,000/day business because it has gone against your conscience? Would you just take it down, instead of selling it to a buyer?

P.S.: Interestingly, Dong Nguyen has planned to re-launch Flappy Bird. But with so many copycats on iOS today, I’m not sure he can go far with his decision, though…

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