12 Personality Traits that Bossholes Don’t Have

12 Personality Traits that Bossholes Don’t Have

Want to know the biggest difference between a great boss and a bosshole? A bosshole is a workplace bully who wants to turn the office into hell on earth. A great boss is a beloved leader who wants to turn the office into heaven on earth.

Obviously, employees want to be lead by a great boss, and bosses also want to be a great one. The big question is, what makes a great boss?

Officevibe offers a brief explanation on what personality traits make a boss, well, great:

Great boss personality infographic by Office Vibe
Infographic crafted with love by Officevibe, the enterprise employee engagement platform that encourages daily team building.

I’m not a bosshole, but I’m still far from being a great one. I’m a big believer that everything can be taught. To get started, I need to do #5 more.

How about you? Do you have the traits to be a great boss? Please share your story!

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