5 Ways Innovative Products Improve Your Direct Sales

5 Ways Innovative Products Improve Your Direct Sales

Have you ever heard the saying that change is the only constant in life? This is especially true in the world of business. When it comes to direct sales, sellers depend on their products continuously improving to keep up with market changes.

Companies like USANA Health Sciences recognize the value in going beyond the norm—and they know their sellers’ success depends on a positive culture of innovation and engineering new products that exceed customers’ expectations. USANA leads the way in product development—especially with their groundbreaking InCelligence technology—moving the world of supplements ahead of the competition.

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How Do Innovations Drive Direct Sales?

Few products have remained the same since their inception, and those that have tend to become irrelevant to customers. Why else would car manufacturers develop shiny new versions of popular models year after year? Why do clothing designers release new wardrobes each season? As the world undergoes increasingly rapid rates of change, the products we use must keep up or be left behind.

In the health industry, USANA Health Sciences is one company that refuses to just keep up with market changes—they overtake the competition completely, anticipating their consumers’ needs in a way that actively improves lives. Here are just a few ways this kind of innovative thinking drives the success of direct sales:

1. Improved Products Lead to Improved Customer Relationships

Creating products that adapt to an individual’s needs shows companies care about their customers. And customers notice when a company cares.

When companies allow their products to fall behind, consumers notice this as well, and they tend to look elsewhere for what they need. Implementing changes and improvements may seem costly at first, but failing to retain customers will be even more costly.

Customers are the reason any company exists—and they deserve to know they are valued and worth every dime it takes to improve the products they love.

2. Innovation = Efficiency

A wasteful company is unprofitable. Ineffective products waste time and money, leaving customers and direct sellers alike dissatisfied with their experience.

Taking the time to develop high-quality products shows customers that a company values their time and money. By improving existing products, companies spend less time and fewer resources on creating potentially unnecessary new lines of technology—and when old products prove to be too slow to keep up with rapidly shifting markets, efficient companies will take time to develop something competitive and more effective. A productive and profitable company is one that endeavors to eliminate waste in every possible way.

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3. Increased Word-of-Mouth Marketing

When you discover a brand-new restaurant—the kind that makes your mouth water just by remembering the name—you want to tell everyone you see to get to that restaurant as soon as possible. This is the kind of effect innovative products have on associate success in direct sales.

Consider something like InCelligence—it goes beyond your average supplements. It takes the known concept of vitamins and nutrients, and customers are welcomed into a more engaging world of health products. Customers are far more likely to be interested in products featuring new technology and ideas. And for associates, sharing products they love becomes easier when there is something that sets them apart from the rest.

4. Outpace the Competition with New Technology

When companies are persistently developing new ideas and better products, they spend far less time adapting to shifts in the market. Innovative companies are the ones jumping ahead of their competitors, and with continued creativity, they ultimately control the industry. They’re the ones studying trends, watching for new ideas, and developing more cost-effective and original products.

Innovation should never sleep. Upgrades to current products and adding inventive new products maintains a company’s relevancy and keeps customers talking about and investing in high-quality items.

5. Offer Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Life is already rife with challenges. Finding a product that eases the burdens of day-to-day life or makes someone feel good is the breath of fresh air every person needs. And people are quick to reach for these kinds of products. When it’s as simple as pressing a button, taking a vitamin, or asking a robot to make a phone call, this is the kind of innovation that deserves a place in the homes of busy customers.


So…Is Innovation Worth It?

When companies invest in innovation, they’re investing in themselves—and their customers! The products that stand out are those that solve problems in a simple way, mold the industry, grab the customer’s attention, and propel direct sales into the future.

Innovation isn’t just beneficial to companies and direct sellers—it’s a necessary step to keep businesses moving toward success.

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