Match The Right Promotional Campaigns with The Right Target Audience

Match The Right Promotional Campaigns with The Right Target Audience

Your target audience is the specific group of people that are most likely to want your product or service. They are therefore the people who should be seeing your promotional campaigns.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can match the right promotional campaigns with the right target audience.

The Power of Knowing Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is crucial as it’s impossible to reach everyone at once. By narrowing down who you’re marketing to, you can focus on the specific needs of one group of people which can make your business more successful.

Although it may seem exclusive to target just one specific audience, it doesn’t mean you’re eliminating others. Narrowing down your target audience simply allows your business to focus its marketing efforts on the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. This leads to more efficient promotional campaigns.

Targeted marketing campaigns

How to Find Your Target Audience

There are many factors that may narrow down your target audience, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Occupation
  • Education level
  • Marital status

And a whole range of other factors.

Your target audience could be small or large depending on what you sell. For example, one campaign giving out premium branded merchandise in the form of sportswear may be good for promoting sportswear or a gym and may be targeted to a more niche audience than a coffee shop promoting loyalty discounts.

Here are some of the steps you can take to determine your target audience:

Analyse Your Customer Base

One of the best ways to determine your target audience is by looking at the audience who already buys from you. Find out as many details as you can (you can use the bullet list above as a starting point) through audience questionnaires, social media insights or engaging with your audience through social.

Conduct Market Research

Look at the market research for your industry to see if there are any gaps in the market that you can fill. Look at trends for similar products and see where their efforts are being focussed. Also, conduct some competitor research to see who they’re selling to and how they go about it.

Create Personas

A persona is a great way to create a specific segment for your marketing campaigns. It’s great to create a persona as though you are analysing a real person. For example: Mike, a 30 year old single man looking to improve his health and fitness through the gym.

Being super specific can help you drill down your marketing efforts so that you see real results at the end of your campaigns.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing your target audience. You can see extensive data about the users visiting your site including the channels they are coming from, the pages they’re engaging with the most, demographics, and much more.

Designing a marketing campaign

How to Utilise Your Target Audience for Promotional Campaigns

What makes a successful marketing campaign is being able to identify the specific characteristics of your target customer. The more you know, the more powerful your digital marketing efforts will become.

Once you’ve gathered all the information regarding your target audience, you can begin creating promotional campaigns that will stand out to them. Knowing all of this will help you to:

  • Come up with accurate topics and keywords to target
  • Create a great user experience
  • Optimise your content
  • Find key influencers in your market
  • Set your pages up to convert more effectively
  • Create the perfect message to relate to your audience

Your audience’s data can help you effectively plan your marketing strategy by utilising their demographics and interests. The key is to constantly review and tweak until you find what works for your audience.

For example, research shows that Gen Zers are over Facebook, therefore any campaign involving Facebook should basically be shut down immediately. Instead, move to Instagram and TikTok where they make up more of the users.

By conducting research and using your analytics, you can find out everything you need to know about your target audience and choose the best campaigns to match.

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