How Your Website’s Color Can Impact Your Customer’s Experience

How Your Website’s Color Can Impact Your Customer’s Experience

When trying to sell your products and services as a business, it’s never a bad idea to focus on the overall customer journey. How you’re able to catch their attention, retain it, and eventually convince them to make a purchase is crucial, as there’s so much to learn between the steps.

For example, how much do you know about which aspects impact the customer experience? Are you aware that colors can have an influence on the overall customer journey when it comes to web design? It might seem exaggerated to think that something as simple as a color scheme can have a profound effect, but it does.

Here’s how your website’s color can affect your customer’s overall experience.

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1. Making your Website Seem Professional

You’ve likely seen many business websites make liberal use of the color blue for their templates. The reason why blue is a popular choice is that the color often evokes the feeling of safety and security. It’s especially effective for healthcare websites, particularly with dental, where the color blue can provide a sense of cleanliness.

Even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the healthcare industry, you can still make a sizable difference with such a color. That said, the color blue can also cause eyestrain, which is often why night lights reduce the impact of blue light. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on accessibility. Otherwise, you could end up on the wrong end of a legal claim.

Taking one example would be to look at Spiceology. They were hit with an ADA Lawsuit as their website failed to meet accessibility standards. They turned to accessiBe to help their lawsuit. The company fixed Spiceology’s website with its overlay product, allowing the user to adjust the website to their needs, be it visual impairment, motor difficulties, or seizures. He was quoted as describing accessiBe as ‘phenomenal’.

2. Conveying Warmth and Dynamic Activity

With proper web design, you can push for a call to action by taking the subtle approach. For companies that focus on fitness as well as children’s health and activities, it’s a good idea to use orange as the primary color for a website template. The color orange helps evoke the feeling of warmth, and is a surprisingly effective method to get online users to purchase fitness equipment.

The color orange is also something used by restaurants to make their patrons feel hungrier, which is a bit strange when you consider it’s also great for fitness. Orange is one of the more fascinating colors when you consider how much of an effect it has on the customer journey.

Website with dark color scheme

3. Tackling Accessibility and Luxury with Black

There are plenty of benefits with going for the color black — especially when accentuated with colors such as yellow and gold. First and foremost, it evokes a sense of luxury, which is perfect for companies selling luxury products.

The next and most crucial benefit is that black paired with other dark or warm colors can be used to reduce the potential of eyestrain. It would be wise to have a dark color scheme for your website as a night mode, similar to other popular sites.


Without a doubt, colors can impact the way people view your website. The great news is you can take advantage of colors to help get the point across, allowing your company to make the most of its opportunities. With effective use of color, your website is sure to flourish.

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