Recruitment: 5 Good Tips for Finding New Talent

Recruitment: 5 Good Tips for Finding New Talent

How do you find your perfect candidate?

In a crisis, we tend to recruit the first person who presents a nice CV, a well-written cover letter, and who can answer a few technical questions about the job. You should know that recruiting a candidate requires several steps, and does not stop at the technical knowledge of the job. Sometimes companies outsource recruitment in order to find the perfect candidate quickly. Others opt to use a prospecting tool.

In this text we offer you some tips to help you identify the ideal candidate.

  • Be precise in the job description
  • Post job offers on the right platforms
  • Why not opt for outbound recruitment?
  • Don’t rely on the CV
  • Use a lead generation tool

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Be precise in the job description

To find the right person for the job, first determine the criteria you are looking for, and the means to distribute them. It only takes the wrong wording for candidates to take the message the wrong way. Define the objectives, tasks, duties and responsibilities to be undertaken. Develop a concise job-specific reference term.

Put the job advertisements on the right platforms

Once the job description has been written, you need to think carefully about how to distribute the job advert so that it reaches the maximum number of people. Nowadays, social networks have a more than important role in the diffusion of messages. People of all ages are increasingly using it to search for a job.

Depending on your target group, you can use different networks. If you are looking for young people, choose Facebook, as young people are more active on this network. If you want to reach a professional audience, choose LinkedIn. It is the first professional social network where specialists from different sectors meet. In addition to social networks, there are websites dedicated to job offers that allow you to send your recruitment ads.

Opt for outbound recruitment

Outbound recruitment is the most widely adopted method in the marketing world. It consists of placing a recruitment advertisement and sorting the applications received. Recruiters can then contact potential candidates directly.

Outsourcing your recruitment allows you to save time and find the right profile in a relatively short time. Recruitment agencies have a database of candidates, allowing you to quickly identify people who may meet the criteria. However, you can use a prospecting tool to generate leads, if you do not wish to outsource the recruitment to an external firm. By the way, if you are interested in lead generation, you can read this article: How to generate leads on LinkedIn.

In order to quickly obtain candidates’ contacts on LinkedIn, namely their email addresses and phone numbers, use a prospecting tool like Kaspr. After registering on the Kaspr website, download the Google Chrome extension. With this extension you can integrate the Kaspr widget on your LinkedIn page. The advantage of this tool is that it is very fast and it also searches for your candidates in real time.

Curriculum Vitae

Don’t rely on the CV

We often meet a candidate for the first time through their CV. From their academic background to their professional experience, from their interests to their professional references, every candidate is special. Therefore, what is written in the CV is not enough to qualify the person’s competence. Arrange an interview with him/her to find out more about his/her background, and to see first-hand what his/her real motivation for the job is.

Some candidates claim to be better on paper, but once they face the recruiters, nothing in their CVs matches what they say. Therefore, ask them to solve a situation in order to evaluate concretely how they make a decision.

On the other hand, invite some of your colleagues to attend the interview. The new talent must get along with the team that will be working with him/her. It is therefore very important to observe his or her behaviour towards other colleagues.

How does this lead generation work?

Created in November 2018, Kaspr is basically a lead generation tool. It is often used in B2B marketing to search for new prospects. However, it is also used in the active search for candidates for a specific position. Kaspr allows you to obtain the contact details of target persons via their LinkedIn profile. In a few points, this device consists of :

  • identify your targets;

  • send LinkedIn invitations;

  • generate a welcome message, if the candidate accepts;

  • retrieve their contact details if they refuse.

Millions of email addresses and phone numbers have already been found via Kaspr and within a year the tool has grown to 10,000 users, including hundreds of loyal customers.

Recruitment process done by the HR team

What should we remember?

To find your new talent, take the time to develop the job description. Choose the right distribution method to reach your target audience. If it’s urgent, outsource the recruitment so that regular firms can get the right candidates to you as quickly as possible. If not, use the Kaspr lead generation tool, so that you can contact the candidates yourself. Finally, arrange an interview by preparing the questions.

This article is sponsored by Kaspr.

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