3 Unique Advertising Methods

3 Unique Advertising Methods

No matter what industry your business belongs to, having a competitive edge when it comes to advertising is a must. An effective marketing campaign can not only build your brand’s awareness but ensure your company remains at the top of consumers’ minds.

Digital marketing, grassroots strategies, and radio or television ads are a few of the most commonly utilized advertising methods. However, an eye-catching and off-the-beaten-path advertisement can help you stand out from the rest of the competitors in your industry.

Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decoration in London during Christmas

A thoughtfully put-together holiday display performs two primary functions. First, a spectacular display of Christmas lights or a giant blow-up rendition of a Thanksgiving turkey will catch wandering eyes and bring in more traffic off the street. Additionally, people tend to be fond of holiday displays.

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. Many big brands use the same holiday commercials year in and year out due to their consumers’ association of those advertisements with the special season.

Creating something that your community will look forward to each year can give your brand a great reputation. When the need arises for your products or services, it is more likely that a consumer will think of your brand when you take extra lengths to draw attention to yourself during each holiday season. Try hanging string lights and placing sculptures of elves and reindeer to turn your business front into a winter wonderland during the colder months.

Company Car Wraps

Car wraps

Some of the most highly populated areas in your community are the roadways. Advertising outside of your store is an excellent way to drive foot traffic. However, tapping into the thousands of cars that drive the roads surrounding your business can provide you with a whole different category of potential clientele. Car wrapping can help you reach consumers that don’t venture near your business’ proximity.

For companies that are not visible from the street, like those situated in a shopping center, this form of advertising can be exceptionally lucrative. A customized car wrap can help you promote your business outside of its normal parameters and allow you to showcase your brand’s image with company colors and unique stylistic choices. Since a car wrap will represent your company when it isn’t there to express itself, it is imperative to partner with a reputable company known for creating high-quality car art, like Wrap Garage.

Social Media Mascot

Mascot cat

Social media is one of the most profitable forms of advertising today. The chances are high that you already have a digital marketing strategy in place, so consider creating a separate Instagram account for your company mascot. To garner the maximum attention with your mascot, award this role to a furry friend of your business. People will walk an extra block to visit a bodega cat despite a corner store being closer and more convenient.

Often, people bring their pet to work or have an outdoor visitor that receives extra food and love from the staff. Your dog or a neighborhood cat that is comfortable being caught on camera are perfect choices for your social media mascot. This idea may seem a bit outlandish, but pets make a significant impact on people. Take the Georgia restaurant, Kurt’s Euro Bistro, for example.

They serve authentic German food like spaetzle and potato dumplings on their outdoor patio. Upon being seated there, you’ll be informed of Shadow, the outdoor cat that hangs around, hoping for scraps of spaetzle. While the food is incredible, the fluffy and ever-hungry Shadow steals the show and leaves you wanting to know more. Both Kurt’s restaurant and Shadow, the cat, have a considerable Instagram following. Still, Shadow has undoubtedly got Kurt’s beat on cuteness.

To supplement your current marketing strategy, consider these unique advertising techniques. However, before implementing a new advertising method, it is vital to ensure it aligns with your brand’s image. Try not to alter your company’s culture or use any advertising methods that do not align with the perspective you want customers to have of your business.

Brand awareness is essential, but the cohesiveness of your brand’s image can make or break a marketing campaign.

Cover photo credit: Sign Language Ltd / Flickr

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