3 Law Firm Management Tips and Tricks

3 Law Firm Management Tips and Tricks

Running a law firm anywhere in the United States is not a simple task. The legal field is notorious for endless paperwork, which entails endless clutter and more folders than you can start to count. Plus, you have to keep on top of deadlines, client needs, and pesky things like payroll. It’s a lot.

If you still have a thirst for management, that’s great! The legal profession needs great managers excited about figuring out what a great choice for their client might look like. So, what are some of the best ways to run a law firm? Let’s dive in and look at just three tips and tricks that will keep you on track for success.

1. Think creatively when it comes to outreach

Lawyer doing online outreach

One of the key ways to ensure that you’re running a successful law firm is to keep new clients streaming through your doors. In addition to the income and experience they’ll bring, happy clients also write good reviews. Good reviews online mean more additional clients. Of course, you should always encourage past clients to write reviews and testimonials about you online.

Reviews aren’t the only way to boost your online outreach, though. Think about your interests and hobbies. Are you into swimming or knitting? Maybe you could write guest blog posts about those interests and link to your law firm’s website.

Showing other sides of yourself is a great way to make yourself more relatable and increase organic traffic to your site on a budget. Take it from a mineral enthusiast and renowned lawyer like Howard Fensterman. By blogging about gemstones and crystals, Fensterman reaches communities who may not have sent emails into his inbox otherwise. Plus, he gets to stay involved in his passion for gemstones, so it’s a win-win situation.

2. Don’t make your employees and clients drink tap water

Don't drink tap water

Take care of your employees and clients. When someone sits down for a consultation, it’s not a great choice to serve them tap water with a strange flavor. You don’t have to go for luxury water brands like Perrier, Fiji, or Evian—you can get the best bottled water in Canada delivered to your doorstep. With a great water taste (much better than tap water) and plenty of electrolytes, you’ll be taking good care of everyone on your schedule. It would help if you also considered providing healthy snacks for the people around your office. They’ll appreciate it, and will probably come back for their legal needs next time, too.

3. Consider studying organization techniques

Organizing schedule

The organization doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so you shouldn’t feel bad if you’re a great attorney who can’t keep track of your file folders. That’s exactly why there are plenty of educator options out there to choose from when professionals want to learn about getting organized. How to keep your business organized perfectly is a skill, which means that it can be acquired. So, don’t spend much time being frustrated about folders and schedule management. Instead, find an educator who can walk you through the ways to eliminate clutter and get your PDFs in the right folder.

Whether you’re in New York or anywhere else around the U.S., many people could benefit from learning some organizational techniques, so don’t be shy about looking for sources to learn from.

It took you a long time to become an attorney, and learning how to manage a law firm won’t happen overnight. As you embark on this journey, remember to consider innovative outreach methods, offering bottled water and snacks to folks at your office, and learning about the organization. You’ll be sure to be in a great place with plenty of clients in no time.

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