Getting Organized With Your Digital Marketing

Getting Organized With Your Digital Marketing

From ordering pizza to watching films, or speaking to family across the globe to finding out answers to those random questions that pop into your mind at 3 AM, we use the internet for everything, and as we do so, we are constantly being exposed to adverts. As a business, if you do not have a robust digital presence, you are missing out on so many potential customers.

Perhaps you have been doing things the same way for a while, and things are feeling a little stale, or your business has grown, and you know you need to step things up – here is how you can get organized with your digital marketing.

Digital marketing boosts SMEs business

Create a digital marketing strategy

Only posting things when you think about them isn’t enough if you are looking to grow your business. Every business, no matter how big or small needs a digital marketing strategy. This should outline which platforms you intend to use and what you are planning on using them for.

It should set out the tone of voice and type of content you are planning on posting on each platform and make it so that anyone could pick it up and know exactly how to promote your products or services online.

Outsource digital marketing work

Perhaps one of the most effective, quickest and easiest ways to organize your digital marketing processes, is to outsource a bulk of the work (see for more info). If you opt to outsource some of, or all of, your digital marketing, then you are putting trust into the hands of dedicated people who do this kind of work day in, day out, without having to hire your own costly in-house team, which would require a lot of time and perhaps even training.

With an outsourced team of expert marketers on hand, you can work with them to bring your vision to life and hit the targets that you want. Research agencies thoroughly before committing and get quotes from different ones to see which is best suited to your business.

Playing smart with your social media presence

Queue up your social posts

Even if you choose to outsource digital marketing work, you can still have autonomy over your business social media posts. No one has time to be on social media all the time (although it might feel like we are), and you will save yourself a lot of stress and time if you queue up your social posts in advance, using software such as Planoly or Buffer. These apps allow you to work collaboratively with your employees, as you can see what is queued up to be posted – this way, you can see how things will look holistically across your accounts.

Setting aside a few hours a week to queue up all of the social content for the next seven days means you can set it and forget it. Make sure you take advantage of the analytics and see what performs well before tweaking the following week.

The time you take to organize your digital marketing now will pay off in new potential customers, an increase in orders, and finally in your bottom line in the long run. It’s a small sacrifice for long-term gain, and you can start right now.

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