How To Maintain E-Commerce Security

How To Maintain E-Commerce Security

E-commerce businesses are incredibly popular with new entrepreneurs, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Online retail sites have been consistently growing in popularity for years, and last year showed an over 30% increased in e-commerce sales thanks to growing demand in a pandemic economy.

That trend is continuing this year, and with increased popularity, changes are coming. This year, it’s more likely that customers who normally wouldn’t shop online will try it out, thanks to its popularity. It’s likely that home-related products will also continue seeing increases in demand, and it’s certain that online advertising competition will get even fiercer, considering how many options there are online.

While e-commerce is an incredibly popular, and profitable, way to move consumer products, it’s not an automatic recipe for success. You’ll still need to perfect the basics like your business plan and finding a niche, but with so much information online, you’ll also need impeccable cybersecurity.

Here are just a few great ways to maintain security for your online shop.

Securd Edge Protection


One of the best ways to start protecting your site is with a reliable Domain Name System (DNS) blocker. This is technology that’s able to block access to certain sites for specified purposes. For example, it can block IP addresses that are deemed as threats from accessing your e-commerce shop. This might include IP addresses that have been associated with scamming or fraudulent activity in the past, so your business and your customers are protected. is a site of networking veterans from Atlanta, and their cloud-based security solutions are easy to deploy anywhere and easy to manage. They don’t just block untrustworthy IPs either; they protect your site against phishing and malware attacks using multi-layered access defense and reactive filter technology. This way, you, your employees, and your customers will stay protected, no matter what new schemes scammers and hackers come up with.

Private IP Blocks

IP blocks

Speaking of IP addresses, many websites essentially share their IP blocks with others, which can easily lead to security vulnerabilities. These days, IPv4 is still the most commonly used version of Internet Protocol, and purchasing your own private blocks gives you a few great advantages.

Firstly, it ensures that all of your data is stored and transmitted on IP blocks that you own, so you’ve already cut down massively on vulnerabilities. Also, when you buy IPv4 from a reputable broker, they wipe the blocks clean, so to speak. Many IP addresses are associated with spam, fraud, and other such activities, and having these addresses makes it difficult for your e-commerce business to rank in search results. Having your own blocks boosts both your security and your visibility.

Enhanced Retail Solutions

Massive inventory
ERS specializes in retail inventory tracking, analysis, and reporting. ERS clients are able to integrate a point of sale (POS) system with their inventory data to collect and interpret information in order to improve business processes with their merchandise. In other words, Enhanced Retail Solutions can help their retail partners with accurate retail analysis to discover purchasing patterns, improve their supply chains, and more.

Any business, whether it’s in food industries, apparel, jewelry and accessories, or tech needs to order the correct amount of inventory to match its sales. They also need ways to move their inventory faster and replace it accurately. Retail Solutions helps with this by providing their expertise as industry leaders to help you manage your retail categories and forecast future needs and performance.

As a leading provider of software, you can trust that POS data gathered and used for ERS’ broad customer base is kept safe and confidential. As your business grows, their services can scale to your needs, and you’ll be able to securely integrate all of your data solutions.

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