The Paper Shopping Bag: A Marketing Tool: Retail Packaging

The Paper Shopping Bag: A Marketing Tool: Retail Packaging

In today’s day and age, promotion is everything and more and more companies are rediscovering marketing tools that have otherwise been set aside.

One of these tools is certainly the packaging and, in particular, paper shopping bags; tools that not only deliver the goods to the customer but also leave an imprint of the brand in their memory.

The buzzword, in this case, for retail packaging is definitely “customization”, because paper shopping bags are a promotional tool.

The Many Benefits of Paper Shopping Bags

Over the years, many companies have ditched the old plastic bags that cause pollution and are difficult to dispose of; therefore switching to paper ones instead.

However, in many cases, the possibility of using this type of wrapping also as a promotional tool was not previously taken seriously.

Just think of the fact that many consumers tend to reuse paper bags both for other purchases and for carrying their goods in everyday life.

Hence, the paper shopping bag can be a real convenience and, after awhile, a free advertising vehicle.

In order to take on this role, paper bags must first of all have some essential characteristics, as previously indicated, personalization.

In fact, one cannot think of advertising with an anonymous white or brown envelope.

The promotion of one’s product or service will therefore start from a job that must be carried out upstream. It will be essential to study the logo, the name of the brand and also the combination of colors very closely.

To understand this type of need even better, you can think about your favorite brands. What sets them apart? How is it possible for us to recognize them? Inspired by these principles, you will obtain a product that is not only beautiful to look at but also functional for its purpose.

Only in this way will it be possible to truly transform a simple envelope into a “mobile” advertising billboard.

Branded paper shopping bag

The Features to Make Perfect Paper Bags and Shopping Bags

Paper bags and shopping bags can not only be tools to both ensure the diffusion of a logo or a brand, but they must also be ecological and of good quality.

Therefore, taking into consideration the packaging for retail, it will be necessary to respect the following characteristics.

First, the envelopes will need to be sturdy and must be made with certified paper. This means creating the envelopes with ecological materials with as low of an environmental impact as possible; avoiding wasting any material or including any elements that make it difficult to dispose of into the paper bin.

In order to be reused they must be spacious and practical to carry; in this sense it will also be essential to choose handles that can last a long time.

The size of the envelopes must be variable, especially in relation to the product that can be put and carried around inside of them.

As has already been indicated, it will be essential to create the envelope with an attractive design and to study the colors and the brand that will be advertised.

The same brand must be clearly visible but, at the same time, discreet.

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