What is a Satellite Office, and Could it Work for your Business?

What is a Satellite Office, and Could it Work for your Business?

As businesses return to the post-lockdown “new normal”, many companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google have all extended their work-from-home policies. However, the reality of the situation is that many businesses will not be able to function with employees working remotely on a permanent basis. To make things more complicated, some staff members are reluctant to head back into the office due to public transport issues and long commutes into busy cities.

The goal for all businesses is growth – but, with the financial burden brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, many are struggling to keep their doors open. Therefore, the primary goal now is rebuilding, which means these companies implementing new strategies to better suit their needs; however, uprooting and moving headquarters can be costly.

Enter the satellite office.

Working in a satellite office

What is a satellite office?

When a business operates from multiple regional offices and potentially keeps its headquarters in a city centre, those regional offices can be referred to as satellite offices.

Satellite offices can range in size anywhere from one employee to hundreds; likewise, companies both big and small can utilize satellite offices depending on their needs.

This means businesses can reduce city headquarter costs, as employees are locally based throughout the country.

What is the difference between regional offices and satellite offices?

While similar, there are some key differences between regional offices and satellite offices. Here are some of the key points:

  • Regional offices tend to be located within the same country as the HQ office whereas satellite offices are sometimes spread internationally.
  • Unlike satellite offices, which are smaller than the HQ office, regional offices are differentiated by the fact they aren’t necessarily smaller than the HQ office. They can be any size, as their purpose is not to expand from the HQ office but instead for each office to stand on its own.

What are the benefits of a satellite office?

In this grand age of technology, businesses can reap huge benefits from satellite offices. This is because they allow these companies to break into uncharted territories for their brand and give them the opportunity to appeal to a vast and untapped national and international market.

By choosing a satellite office, you can expand your business to a new city, county or even world, breaking new ground full of potential for a business to leave its mark. Of course, this means taking a calculated financial risk, so it’s important to research the location beforehand to make sure you choose somewhere your brand will thrive.

Working in a satellite office overseas

Local and global expansion

Satellite offices offer a great deal of opportunities to improve on your business practices and appeal to different demographics and expand customer reach. For example, serviced offices in the City of London from Be Offices will give you the opportunity to operate physically from a certain location while your team carries out work elsewhere across the country or even world.

Reduce commuting time for employees

Taking the needs of employees into consideration as much as you would for your clients is important because the people who work for you are the backbone of your business – and, if they can travel to work easily and comfortably, the workday will run smoothly.

Increase Sales and Productivity

According to an article by the Harvard Business Review, most companies can benefit from satellite offices, as they increase the chance of meeting sales goals as well as increase productivity. Consequently, staff can devote less time and energy to typical office routines and more time to customers.

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