5 Business Ideas That Are Still Relevant Today

If you still use PowerPoint presentations or an in-house IT team to fix desktop issues, you’re out of touch. Technological advancements have made some business methods and business ideas outdated. Even certain types of managerial roles may no longer seem as necessary as they once did.

However, many business ideas have stood the test of time in recent years. Everything from setting up call centers to selling bulk flash drives is still a good idea. While some businesses have adapted to suit the times, these remain as profitable as when they first started.

The role of consultants and sales team trainers has changed but is still essential. And businesses still need call center operations, so they’re still a lucrative idea. Take a look at a few ideas that are still relevant.

1. E-Commerce Sites

Ecommerce business

The first e-commerce companies sold used computers in the 1980s. And, while there have been advancements, people still sell used electronic devices online. As a result, this business idea is still a profitable one with a large customer base. You can sell anything from flash drives to clothing and accessories online.

One such profitable idea is the bulk flash drive or custom flash drive business. While several types of disks are now outdated, flash drives are still in high demand. So, businesses and customers alike benefit if they buy flash drives in bulk. Of course, what has changed is the storage capacity. Flash drives now range from a small 4GB or 32GB right up to 256GB. And, the USB flash drive sticks and durable pen drives are now more affordable. It’s an especially good idea to buy them in bulk from a reputable supplier. These days, you can even get custom flash drives, which look especially nice and are quite popular.

2. Call-Center Software

Using call center service

All companies need a call center solution for their businesses. Telemarketing and customer service centers are not going anywhere anytime soon. These centers focus on customer support, customer interaction, customer service, and outbound calls. And, third-party call centers have also always been in high demand. However, technology has now helped moved several customer interactions and customer service sites online.

You no longer need an in-house contact center. Instead, this software redirects incoming calls and outbound calls to customer service agents. With outbound call center software, the streamlined process includes automation and cloud-based solutions. Call center software also includes live chat and agent productivity trackers. With improved efficiency, this call center solution can save companies time and money. Also, call center software has better communication channels, automation, and integration, so it’s a lucrative solution for businesses of all sizes.

3. Consultant Services

Consulting service

Several services are now online, but some things still need a human touch. Some of these include ethics training, salesforce training, and workflow consultant services. Consultants for ethical training and fair business practices are more popular than ever. Not to mention sensitivity, diversity, and inclusion training for sales teams, which are in especially high demand.

Businesses need consultants for a variety of services. From social media consultants to sales team training, there’s still scope for this idea. However, there are more consultant services than ever before. For a competitive advantage, consultants now need social media promotion and better sales skills.

4. Home-Based Food Services

Food service

Something that has stayed constant is customer appreciation for a home-cooked meal, so a specialty food service is still an excellent business idea. What has changed is the way vendors market and sell in this business. Digital campaigns and application-based delivery services have replaced word-of-mouth and pickup services.

This shift has helped these businesses reach a wider audience. It’s also important to focus on specialty products. Healthy, organic food, wellness meals, and special diets are gaining popularity. Also, meal services that focus on a cuisine that restaurants overlook are especially good ideas.

5. Travel Agencies

Travel business

Travel agencies first became profitable business ventures in the 1800s. Since then, they’ve only grown in popularity. Unlike many other business ideas, they don’t seem like they’re going to be obsolete anytime soon. Like all other businesses, the way that they function has adapted to recent times. Finding the right agent is now as easy as logging on to the internet.

The number of agents has increased to keep up with the recent travel trends. Some travel agencies don’t even need brick-and-mortar offices to conduct operations. Everything from support team calls to business communications uses cloud call center software. Agents now have a better social media presence to promote their services. Travel packages also include customer satisfaction additions that include 24-hour phone support, so booking your trip with the right agent is a much better experience than it used to be.

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