Saving Time: 10 Essential Features Any Enterprise-Level Legal Case Management Software Should Have

Saving Time: 10 Essential Features Any Enterprise-Level Legal Case Management Software Should Have

Most legal departments are under constant pressure to meet deadlines and manage a large portfolio of cases at any one time, which creates administrative pressures that you need to try and manage as best as possible.

A growing number of legal professionals are using Legal Files case management software to help them manage their workload as efficiently as possible and if you are looking to install this sort of software here are some of the key features to look out for.

Time management and recording

A fundamental feature to look out for is the ability to record the amount of time spent on each case so that you can produce accurate billing at the touch of a button.

Being able to record your expenses, disbursements, alongside time recording features will all help boost efficiency and accuracy with regard to billing.

Easy to access case files

You want to be able to access clients and matter details with the minimum of fuss and case management software should allow you to access these documents wherever and whenever you want.

Greater control of documents

In addition to easy access, you should also be able to store legal documents and any relevant scans or letters with a quick search.

The software package should allow you to create custom templates to facilitate the search process.

Never miss a deadline

Court dates and document filing deadlines are often critical to the outcome of a legal matter and that is why the software should incorporate features that ensure you are reminded of deadlines in plenty of time.

Keeping track of the bills

Client accounting features are also an important aspect to consider when choosing a software package.

You will want to be able to produce a comprehensive client ledger report whenever you need to.

Bills management

Team overview

Working as a team is often a part of the legal process and another feature to look out for is the ability to make use of individual as well as team calendars within the department so that you can collaborate with ease.

Managing your workflow

Workflow automation will give you the ability to allocate and define processes for every member of the legal team and make it easier to tick off all the tasks within the agreed timescale.

Managing the bottom line

Managing your caseload and winning cases is key to the success of any legal department but you also want to know how you are performing in terms of profitability.

Case management software should be able to give you access to financial reports that give you a clear overview of how the department is performing and whether financial targets are being met.

Data security

Maintaining the integrity of your data is essential when you consider the sensitive and confidential nature of the information you will be storing.

Encryption protocols should be a key feature to keep your data safe and secure.

A backup option

Finally, you will also want access to online and offline backup facilities that you can rely on when needed.

If you can find a software package that meets these key requirements it should make a noticeable difference to your legal team’s performance in many different ways.

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