6 Surprising Secrets on How Criminal Defense Attorneys Work to Beat Your Case

6 Surprising Secrets on How Criminal Defense Attorneys Work to Beat Your Case

Have you been considering a career path as a criminal defense attorney and you’re looking to learn more about the traits of the best?

Or perhaps you’re in need of an attorney yourself and you’re curious what the most successful attorneys do to get the job done well.

Let’s take a look at these 6 secrets that the best criminal defense attorneys employ to help their clients win the case, whether they’re guilty or not:

1. Good Criminal Defense Attorneys Don’t Let Their Personal Feelings Interfere

Without a doubt, many defendants have committed awful crimes. But everyone has a constitutional right to be defended by an attorney.

The best criminal defense attorneys are experts at keeping their personal feelings out of the equation. Instead, they focus on defending their client to the best of their ability.

Criminal defense attorneys who are devoted to their job recognize that even if their client has been involved in a terrible crime that they would never personally endorse doesn’t negate a person’s right to be defended.

2. Forming a Bond of Trust is Essential

It can be a challenge for some attorneys to find common ground with a client who has been accused of crimes that could lead to many years, if not life, in prison.

But a trustworthy criminal defense attorney can find something to relate to. An attorney who makes an effort to form a bond, from one human being to another, will be more successful as a result.

A criminal defense attorney who takes the job seriously wants their client to trust them.

Before you choose an attorney to defend you, take the time to really get to know several criminal defense attorneys to see which you are most comfortable with and which you feel you can trust.

You’ll be spending a lot of time with whichever attorney you choose, and you’ll be trusting them with one of the most serious situations in your life. Choose someone with experience and a willingness to treat you with respect.

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3. They Research Juror Backgrounds

In most situations, a defense attorney realizes that the jury is going to be swayed against them. This makes examining a potential juror especially important since they know that the jury is coming into the courtroom with the mindset of convicting the alleged criminal.

Researching the backgrounds of each juror is part of the process of trying to choose jurors who might be able to sympathize with the defense.

Quizzing potential jurors is a skill that the best criminal defense attorneys have mastered. They want to find those who seem open-minded and not weighed down by bias.

Experienced defense attorneys are experts at juror examination. They are able to question potential jurors in a way that reveals any bias that could harm their client’s case.

And the skill of researching jurors doesn’t end once the jury has been determined. The most successful criminal defense attorneys continue the research on each juror, scanning their backgrounds for personal information that could help them connect and sway their opinion during the course of the case.

4. They Watch the Jury’s Body Language

In addition to researching the jurors, a criminal defense attorney will also keep an eye on the jurors as the trial progresses to try to assess which direction they are leaning.

A defense attorney can learn a lot about how the trial is going by monitoring body language, noting if jurors smile or laugh at jokes, or if they seem energized by the attorney’s arguments on their client’s behalf.

By evaluating the reaction of the jurors, your attorney can make real-time adjustments to their arguments to keep them open and receptive.

5. They Know How to Make the Right Impression

A courtroom is a conservative place, and an experienced defense attorney knows this. As a result, they will never allow their client to go before the judge in questionable casual attire.

The best defense attorneys are able to advise their clients on what to wear that will make them look professional and presentable without appearing like someone they aren’t.

Looking presentable in court is a way to show respect, and giving an impression of respect can help make your case stronger.

6. They Understand the Power of the Public’s Opinion

Successful criminal defense attorneys know that public opinion can have a significant impact on the outcome of their case. The members of the jury will represent a sampling of the general public opinion, no matter how carefully the defense attorney might try to weed out biased jurors.

The best criminal defense attorneys understand that what the public is saying and thinking about the case is very important. If they are able to have an awareness of the public’s preconceptions about their client before heading to court, they can better prepare their defense strategy.

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