5 Ways to Make Your Business Brochures Generate Sales

5 Ways to Make Your Business Brochures Generate Sales

Whether you’re selling cakes and donuts or tours in Tuscany, marketing brochures are a great and affordable way to quickly provide information and contact details.

An effective brochure can drive sales through the roof, at little to no cost to you when done correctly.

Keep reading for five ways to make your marketing brochures generate sales!

1. Know Your Audience

Take time to imagine your ideal client.

Consider the following factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Relationship status
  • Education
  • Life goals

Once you’ve got an image in your mind, you want to start thinking about how to design a brochure that sells your product to that person in particular.

2. Follow AIDA

AIDA is an acronym that stands for attention, interest, desire, action.

You want to capture your reader’s attention with a big statement or great deal.

Then, give them more details that get them interested in whatever you have to sell.

Next, generate desire in your potential client. Why do they absolutely have to have your product? Is it exclusive or maybe it’s life-changing?

Finally, give them an action to take. Are they supposed to call for a quote or head to a website?

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3. Use Bullet Points

One of the worst things in a brochure is a huge block of text. If someone grabs your brochure while waiting in line, they don’t have time to dig through a lot of “if”, “and”, and “buts”.

Instead, use bullet points that give a quick and general overview of the product or service. Remember, your brochure isn’t your website. You don’t need to include all of the fine print.

4. Make Response and Connection Easy

Even though you’re designing a brochure to print and give to potential clients, you want to make a response via technology as easy for the client as possible.

Make your website and phone number easy to find on the brochure. If you want clients to find you on social media, include your username (which should be the same across all platforms) and the icons of the socials that you are on.

Use a QR code that clients can scan that sends them to a page with links to your website, socials, contact info, and any other pertinent information.

5. Create an Eye-Catching Design

The next step is to create an eye-catching design. The industry leader for brochure design is Adobe Spark. You can find loads of easy to use and beautifully made brochure templates so that this step will go quickly and smoothly.

If you’re new to Adobe, you’ll want to invest in the Creative Cloud suite so that you can have access to updates for life. If you’re not sure about committing to a monthly payment, you can always give the free trial a test run.

Well-designed brochures

Start Designing Beautiful Marketing Brochures Today

Now that you know the pertinent steps for designing marketing brochures and how easy it is with a brochure template, keep learning.

Keep reading to learn all about the latest business news from design and entrepreneurship to technology and brand storytelling.

We’re here to help you succeed!

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