Tips for Hiring the Right Employee

Tips for Hiring the Right Employee

The Manpower Group reports that 45 percent of global businesses were unable to find and hire talent with the desired skills to fill a position (2018). Companies can improve their hiring process and attract the talent they want by streamlining and easing job applications for job seekers, sharing the benefits of working for the company, and giving applicants a chance to show their skills.

Make The Application Process More Efficient

Businesses can risk losing talented prospective employees to the competition if their hiring process is lengthy. CareerBuilder surveyed over 4000 workers and found that cumbersome application processes can be a turn-off. One in five applicants is unwilling to complete applications that take 20 minutes or more to complete.

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Companies can make applications shorter while covering all the pre-employment bases. Additionally, hiring managers should keep regular contact with applicants and give them updates on the status of their application and candidacy. Sixty-six percent of applicants move on to other job opportunities if they don’t hear back from employers after less than two weeks.

Consider working with a recruiting company like C-Suite Assistants that can help you find the right applicant and also provide you with a pool of qualified applicants. You can focus on your work and let the right applicants come to you.

Provide Clear And Concise Job Descriptions

Job listings with unclear descriptions containing poor word choice can mislead job seekers and deter them from applying. A job listing that includes the duties the position entails and the prerequisites, requirements, and skills needed can give a person insight into what companies expect of them. Still, it could also be like a laundry list of chores that overwhelms the applicant.

Businesses can make their job listings attractive by telling applicants how working in the position can benefit them. Job descriptions can be impactful when they include what companies can do for employees.

Job ads that emphasize demands-abilities (D-A) list the requirements and skills employers seek in prospective employees. Advertisements that focus on needs-supplies (N-S) fit include information about how companies and work environments supply employees’ needs to use their abilities and skills.

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Researchers in the US and Canada found that the way hiring teams frame information listed in job ads influences people’s decision to apply for a position. Advertisements that focus on N-S fit attracted more applicants and a higher quality pool of applicants compared to job ads emphasizing D-A fit.

Job seekers have an interest in the benefits they can receive working in a position, the work environment, team structure, and the work-life balance a company can provide and want such information upfront when applying, per the CareerBuilder 2016 Candidate Behavior Study.

Companies can attract the talent they seek by keeping job descriptions detailed yet concise. In a few words, descriptions can say much as long as they cover the basics of company culture, growth opportunities, and the responsibilities the employer has to the employee while detailing the employee’s duties.

Job ads that give applicants clear, realistic expectations of what the position entails and how companies can support them can attract the right talent.

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Implement Pre-Employment Tests

Employers can select candidates that best fit their needs by including personality and skill assessments in the hiring process.

Knowing how applicants’ personalities align with the demands and tasks of the job can ensure employers make the right hiring decision. An employee assessment test is a cost-effective way to determine if job seekers have personalities that can benefit businesses. For useful employee assessment software, employers can consult enables employers and hiring managers to determine if their hires have fitting personalities, abilities, and skills through online recruitment skills tests and aptitude assessments.

Pre-employment skills tests are useful for ensuring that applicants possess the skills and proficiency they claim to have. For example, employers searching for a JavaScript developer to build an interactive website, web-based application, game, or other media can test candidates’ abilities at front-end development, backend development, or full-stack development before making a hiring decision.

Javascript coding
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JavaScript developers have the critical task of making websites functional, user-friendly, and attractive. These professionals can make content easy to view by using an online JavaScript beautifier, such as Prettify JavaScript. Prettify JavaScript provides instant enhancements to JavaScript codes. This online JavaScript beautifier enables developers to make positioning and spacing adjustments and other modifications to JavaScript codes, making content legible and stylish.

Providing candidates with detailed information about the jobs they apply for and the company culture, and using pre-employment assessments can optimize the hiring process and ensure businesses that they’re hiring the right talent.

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