The Challenges of Scaling SEO

The Challenges of Scaling SEO

Any business running with an online presence should be aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. This is the process by which a website or page is optimised to help it rise to the top of the rankings of the various search engines. Given that most people turn immediately to Google when they want to find something, it generally means making sure that your site appeals to Google’s crawlers and ranking algorithms.

The aim of SEO is to get your company to these all-important top rankings and onto the first page (and people generally click on the first or second link on page one unless they know of and have had problems with them before).

Getting ranked is not that difficult, though.  The best way is to go niche.

Indeed, businesses offering a niche product will enjoy significantly better chances of achieving strong rankings and for local searches (for example if you’re searching for local plumbers or electricians) then the competition will be limited to what’s in your area.

Unfortunately, as your site and its online presence is growing bigger, scaling SEO is becoming an issue.  How to deal with this?

Invest in SEO

Taking it bigger

Of course, we are looking here at scaling SEO practices and exploring what happens once a successful SEO strategy has been developed and the business wishes to expand and invest more in it.

Firstly, look at how you intend to grow and not just in terms of SEO. Planning out how you intend to change in line with the way in which you are currently perceived by customers both potential and existing gives you a fairly clear view as to what you need to keep doing, what you need to change, what you need to start and what you need to stop. This works at a general operational level, in addition to your online activity.

Once a decision has been made as to how to grow the business, the SEO can follow, taking your online presence into new digital territory.

Relevance is key

With an expanding online presence, it can be difficult to keep tabs on absolutely every aspect of a website. Digital teams will inevitably focus on the sections of a website which receive the most traffic and provide the greatest value to the business.

On the whole, this could be harming your SEO as algorithms and practices used by search engines are almost constantly changing. What worked wonders five years ago, or even six months ago, maybe causing a page to slip down the rankings.

So, how to stay relevant?

Don’t take shortcut

Historically, many websites managed to push their way toward the top of the rankings by using “black hat” techniques including pages full of ‘invisible’ keywords that were picked up by the search engines, or purchased inbound links. Whilst the occasional trick may work for five minutes before becoming counter-productive, today’s search landscape is very much about high-quality content.

Bottom line, there’s nothing else you can do, except offering quality, at scale.  Indeed, any website owner who is serious about expanding should be producing regular in-depth articles with interesting and relevant content.  But you need to be creative with it. Here’s a good guide to get started:

Help is at hand

If the above seem overwhelming, well, DIY your SEO is not for everyone.  Those can be resource consuming. Plus, if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing, you could very well harm your SEO effort. Chances are, if your business is expanding rapidly, your online teams are ill-equipped to deal with the increased demands on their time and skills, especially when it comes to marketing.

SEO firms like Search Tides can help you in sustaining your growing online presence.

About Search Tides: Search Tides is one of the leading SEO Firms . The firm offers white label SEO reseller program. SEO resellers have the economies of scale offered by dedicated teams of experts and years of know-how, offering a range of optimisation services to clients in order to help them grow their online presence and rise up (or regain position in) the rankings. These services are bundled together in order to provide the best value, with the reseller then referring their clients to an SEO company to perform the detailed work.

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