Upcoming Trends in Business for 2020

Upcoming Trends in Business for 2020

Whether you like it or not, we’re approaching the year 2020. There are challenges (e.g., the looming recession) ahead, but opportunities are abundant. Without further adieu, here are some upcoming business trends for next year.

Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Technology

Marketing, entrepreneurship, and technology are heading in the direction of AI, or artificial intelligence. Of the more than 100 million startups registered around the world, the vast majority of them, among other sectors, are moving in the direction of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There is a reason for this migration. This is where new technologies are being developed and, consequently, where most marketing and entrepreneurial talent will be most effective in serving the new technologies that are being developed. For example, many new medical technologies are helping to advance the fight against life-threatening diseases such as AIDS, cancer, and Hodgkin’s disease. Whatever path a company follows, they will always need to have a plan for working capital optimization to incorporate new technology.

IoT & Security

Businesses are moving towards the trends of connecting the world through the Internet of Things (IoT) and higher levels of security in the business sector. There are three trends are growing in the IoT sector which are growing simultaneously and focally.

Citywide IoT

First, IoT is making big strides in creating a more useful way to help the homeowner wire their complete house with things that are beneficial to overall security, like home security cameras as well as cameras located at doors of the home. This allows 24-hour surveillance to be communicated to the owner.

Secondly, with the prices of solar energy and wind energy being driven up by greater demands for solar and wind power, technologies are developing these energy-efficient ways to power homes. For example, there are solar panels that do not draw attention to themselves but are installed in the windows and doors of the home. Overall these technologies are driving the economy in good directions for homeowners.

Solar panel installations

Thirdly, GoGreen technology and sustainable homes are another area that is driving home building. This sector of the market has been very prominent in the past ten years but is now being very streamlined. More websites are gathering all the green technologies under their online business roofs to make it easy for the GoGreen home improvement business to take off with speed.

LED lighting, as well as appliances that work with high energy star efficiencies, like three-layered glass panes and sustainable woods like bamboo and hemp, are being used to build more homes. These are some of the major business trends for 2020 but others are growing alongside it.

Moving Into 2020

Drone for the future

The future of business in 2020 is moving in several directions. There has been a great need for high-security measures for data and security, but one other technology that is starting to draw attention in the public eye is the use of drones.

Several thousand businesses are beginning to use drones as a saleable commodity for small businesses. You can find drones aiding Hollywood film sets, aerial shoots for sports championships, and demographic surveys. Drones are being used very successfully in the area of agriculture, especially for a dusting of crops, which can be done more securely and cost-effectively for farmers who do their dusting.

The news has shown how drones are being integrated into gig retail for delivering packages and whether this will get past the government laws and regulations. You will see more progress with drones in the future. Some companies have cut out part of the market successfully while others need more time to clear aeronautical administrative ruling.

Robots Integrating Workplaces

Automation and robotics

Many other technologies are driving businesses into 2020 and ought to have significant impacts, but one more that needs to be mentioned here is the rapid integration of robots into the workplace. Robots have been a bit scary for some people with the fear being caused by big media companies that drive the movie industry. However, the public is beginning to realize, with the recent introduction of robots into the workplace, that they are like helpless toys that work for the betterment of society.

Robots will save taxpayers and businesses billions of dollars in the coming decades because they can work around the clock without needing breaks from their work, benefits, or health insurance. Robots will be the future of the transition to a shared workplace between humans and machines.

Now Over to You

What’s next year like, in your opinion? Please share your thoughts.

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