3 Reasons You Should Add Laser Hair Removal to your Spa Offerings

3 Reasons You Should Add Laser Hair Removal to your Spa Offerings

When it comes to starting a beauty and health spa, it’s important to cater your services to your specific clientele. Some of the more popular spa offerings center on anti-aging, reversing the clock, and eliminating blemishes. Higher in demand among these aesthetic treatments is laser hair removal.

The modern woman, and a decent number of men, find that the cost and energy required of traditional hair removal methods far exceeds what they’d like to spend. These savvy clienteles turn to a more cost-effective, long-term solution in laser hair removal.

If you’re considering starting a beauty and health spa, here are just a few of many reasons why you should add laser hair removal to your service offerings.

1. Options for lasers are bountiful

Before jumping into the world of laser hair removal, you should understand the information behind its success. Each laser is catered to specific skin types and hair coarseness, and they work at different levels of efficiency. The key candidates for hair removal are those with coarse, dark, thick hair, though they typically take more sessions to find success. Put simply, laser hair removal works by emitting energy into hair follicles, destroying the root of its growth, thus ending hair production. You’ll find plenty of options for professional grade hair removal lasers, making them an easy choice to add to your business.

The diode laser is effective on all skin types by delivering high energy into the skin without affecting any of the tissue surrounding the hair follicle. The Nd: YAG, in contrast, is less effective for fine, light hair, and is often low on the list of choice lasers for these offerings. Most common is the Alexandrite laser for its ability to work on larger areas of the body from light to olive complexions. This particular laser is deemed fastest in comparison to its hair removal counterparts.

2. Increase in popularity

In the last decade, the number of laser hair removal procedures has grown more than 50%. In 2017 alone, more than 2.8 million laser hair removal procedures were performed in the US. While the majority of clientele for this service consists of females, about 18% were men seeking long-term hair removal by way of laser treatments.

The popularity of laser hair removal stands largely in part to its long-term solutions. Candidates for laser hair removal often have coarse, dark hair that grows in undesired areas of the body. When removed by traditional methods such as shaving, epilating, or waxing, hair is often regrown at a faster rate. These methods can also result in uncomfortable nuisances such as razor burn, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation. When deciding upon wax removal, clients are unable to shave between sessions. This can often lead to uncomfortable days with stubble or hair growth if they’re unable to schedule their next session in time. With laser removal, clients are encouraged to shave before sessions if they need to because it reduces the risk of hair being burned during the laser session.

3. Cost efficiency

The biggest perk of laser hair removal for your clientele is the ability to save on shaving products. An estimated $10,000 is spent in a woman’s lifetime on shaving supplies as opposed to the $3,000 spent on laser hair removal. With the rise in popularity and the ever-growing number of innovations in laser treatments, the industry of hair removal using this method is set to continue upward. As clientele base increases and innovations in laser technology develop, profits are sure to increase exponentially.

When considering which lasers are right for your spa, the long-term benefits of laser hair removal should set these tools high on your list of investments.

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