Top Self-Employed Jobs You Can Run from Your Bedroom

Top Self-Employed Jobs You Can Run from Your Bedroom

Being self-employed mean, you can have a job that allows you to utilise your strongest skills, make money on your terms, and ideally, pursue your biggest passions. It’s one of the most flexible ways of working, meaning that if you work it right, you can run the business from the comfort of your bedroom.

Whether you’re looking to change up the industry you’re currently working in, or are searching for a new side hustle, there are many self-employment opportunities that offer long-term career growth. The list below are self-employed job options that can be run from your own bedroom, as well as being predicted to have continued growth in the coming years.

Social Media Consultant

If you enjoy social media and tend to spend many hours on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat (to name just a few), it could be worth tapping into social media consultancy. Most businesses these days need an active social media strategy, as the world begins to rely on social media for everyday communication. Social media platforms are now highly used for promoting events and products, becoming a vital area of every business’s growth plans. If you can plan effective social media strategies, run social scheduling systems, and are passionate about pushing a company’s social presence, this can be a very rewarding job.

Online Tutoring

The beauty of online tutoring is that you can focus on your strengths and passions as well as use your knowledge and expertise to teach others. With more people looking at learning additional skills to add to their CV’s, there is scope for online tutors across a wide range of subject areas. It goes without saying that Math, English, and Science are key subjects, but now there are opportunities to tap into the growing digital industries too. Online marketing, web development, IT, and SEO are all huge growth areas. You can hold ‘classes’ via skype or put together e-books to download. The choices are endless.

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Financial Advisor

If you have a head for figures and an analytical thought process, you could be the financial advisor companies are crying out for. A financial advisor offers financial advice to an array of clients, advising on economic trends, risky decisions, accounts forecasting, and regulatory changes. If you don’t know where to start, you could start by signing up to financial advisor recruitment agencies so hiring companies can view your CV. Some companies like to work with financial advisors on an ad hoc basis, such as when the end of the tax year approaches or when they may be re-assessing the growth of their business.

Online Boutique Manager

If you have a passion for selling on eBay or related selling sites, e-commerce retail could be the business for you. Whether you set up an eBay store or you launch your own dedicated online boutique, running a retail business is certainly exciting. E-commerce stores allow you to run your brand from home, without having to rent office space. It’s worth realising what your topic of interest is here, whether it be selling clothes, artwork, homemade beauty, or accessories.

Life Coaching

This is a booming freelance industry, where a life coach can offer advice and plans on a remote basis. Life coaching covers finances, motivation, social activity, and well-being.


If you are a specialist in a certain area, such as counselling, anxiety or nutrition, and health, you can sculpt your business to become a specialised niche.  The key is to look at your own skills as well as where your passion lies, and more often than not, there will be a booming self-employed career area which can be tailored to suit.

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