Keeping It Fresh and Cool: 5 Reasons for Investing In a Commercial Ice Maker

Keeping It Fresh and Cool: 5 Reasons for Investing In a Commercial Ice Maker

Are you considering purchasing a new commercial ice maker for your business? We all want to make wise decisions with respect to our bottom lines, and buying new equipment is one area where we may hesitate. However, depending on your industry, buying an ice maker can be the wisest decision you make all year.

Read on as we make the case for commercial ice makers.

1. Keep up with the demands of your growing business

Your quaint diner didn’t need much in the way of equipment when you first opened. Commercial Ice Makers weren’t even on your radar back then. But your hard work paid off, and now you regularly enjoy a packed house. Can your existing equipment keep up with the demand? Keep customers happy by promptly bringing every drink to the table ice-cold.

2. It can enhance customer experience in the hospitality industry

Whether you run a motel or a gym, your customers will appreciate ice. It elevates their experience in your establishment, which makes them much more likely to return.

If you make a habit of reading online reviews for businesses like yours, you know it’s the small touches (like a brand-new ice machine) that lets a customer know their needs are valued. Not to mention, a new piece of customer-facing equipment makes your establishment appear more modern and successful.

3. Provides a clean slate over decrepit, inherited equipment

Speaking of appearances, perhaps you’re running a business that already has an ice machine. Except the one currently in use is decades old, and was never well cleaned or maintained by its previous owner.

There’s a chance you’ll never get it clean enough to be an attractive and sanitary part of your business. But when you start with a new commercial ice maker, you have a much more efficient and functional piece that can last for years and years, with proper maintenance.


4. It can help you expand your menu

New commercial ice makers can let you decide what kind of ice you’d like to dispense. Offer customers shaved ice with a squirt of flavoring, or frosty cocktails. Ice in its various forms is an inexpensive way to add a little something extra to what you put on your menu.

5. Fresh and convenient

If food service is your business, you know how much temperature matters. Keep your salad bar fresh and cool with plenty of crystal-clear ice; it helps preserve your product and keep it safe.

The same goes for fresh meat and seafood that we must keep refrigerated. You need an ice maker that can turn out enough ice to keep your valuable foods at the right temperature, knowing that in a busy kitchen, temperatures rise easily.

Want to keep your cool? There’s no more practical way than with ice. And when you purchase a new commercial ice maker for your business, you’ll get value that’s easy to pass onto your customers, all while keeping up with the daily requirements of your operations. From fresher products to customer convenience, don’t rely on delivery for your demands.

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