What is an Inbound Call?

What is an Inbound Call?

If you’ve ever received a call from a telemarketer, it’s probably a call placed from an outbound call center. Outbound call centers are often focused on sales or collections while inbound call centers are designed to provide information and assistance to potential or existing customers.

Inbound calls are phone calls that are placed to an inbound call center by customers. They provide an access system for consumers so that they can get help when they need it.

How inbound call centers work

The purpose of using inbound call center software is to provide consumers with a number of ways to gain access to company employees. The goal is accessibility. Customers can phone the company directly. They may be connected to a representative immediately, or given the option of waiting on hold until someone is available. Some businesses may offer a call back feature that allows consumers to leave a message or call back information for a representative to call them back once they are able to do so.

The main objective is to ensure that each customer is able to communicate directly with the ideal business representative as quickly as possible. Inbound call centers help open multiple communication channels so that a business’s clients have effective access.

Inbound call centers can also offer a number of other options for contact. Customers may be presented with choices such as sending a text message or email. They may also be provided with social media site contact information so that they can chat with a company representative there. Direct chat may also be offered through a company’s website.

Benefits to consumers

There are a number of reasons why customers benefit from dealing with companies that have inbound call center software. The most critical reason is time. Customers can contact someone quickly and directly; they do not need to wait for a response to an email. Being accessible through inbound calls ensures that consumers have the immediate direct access that they desire.

In some cases, verbal communication may be more efficient and effective than written communication. If a customer is unfamiliar with technical terms they may have a hard time effectively explaining an issue or identifying a component of an item. Verbal communication can make it easier for customers to relay details that enable a customer service professional to clarify what issue they’re having and get the relevant data required to address their needs.

Friendly inbound call center staff

Benefits to companies

Although online sales have continued to increase in recent years at notably higher rates than in-store sales, many consumers still prefer having a tactile experience during the purchasing process.

It is common for shoppers to use the internet to learn about products and then buy those items in a store. In some cases, the reason that people do not wish to purchase online is because they are concerned about their ability to address any problems they may have with their item. They want to know what they can do if there are issues assembling an item, if they have operational questions, or if a defective part needs to be replaced. They know if they buy an item in a store they can return it to that location, but when they purchase online, they want to know returning an item or replacing damaged parts will be just as simple.

Providing access to a live person through an inbound call center offers consumers the peace of mind because every customer knows that they have access to company employees.

Inbound call centers can also be used to provide crucial information to companies that will help them improve their business practices and, ultimately, increase sales. The business can use special tracking software that is designed to collect and analyze actionable data. Direct communication with consumers can help companies refine their business practices and even engage in direct marketing to customers who are calling them.

Companies are expected to receive 162 billion phone calls from customers in 2019, and that number solely refers to calls placed from smartphones. Businesses that choose not to offer the option of contact through inbound call centers are at risk of alienating clients, missing key marketing opportunities, and losing sales as a result.

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